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Wat Dhammagunaram
Layton Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center

644 E. 1000 North, Layton, UT 84041-4220
(801) 543-1910
Tradition: Theravada Buddhism

Contact: Roberta Chase at (801) 966-0639

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Name: Wat Dhammagunaram

Tradition: Theravadan Buddhist

Affiliation: Thai Bhikkhu Council

Location: 644 East 1000 North Layton UT 84041

Phone: (801) 544-7616

Leadership: The Venerable Phrakhru Phutthiyansophon, Abbot

History:  (ref: Asian Americans in Utah: A Living History
The congregation was started by immigrants from Thailand, most of whom came to Utah the 1970s.  Many were the wives of American servicemen, especially airmen from Hill Air Force Base in Clearfield, Utah.  Thai immigrants recognized the need for traditional religious services, which are typically conducted by monks in the Theravada Buddhist tradition.  Wat Dhammagunaram was incorporated as a Buddhist temple in Utah in 1975, with the assistance of monks from the Wat Buddhawanarum in Denver. 

The first home for the temple was a small home located at 3417 Van Buren Avenue in the city of Ogden.  Due to the limited size of this facility and the Thai community's affiliation with Air Force personnel, large services and celebrations were often held at the Hill AFB chapel. 

The second home for the temple was located at 397 South Fort Lane in Layton.  While larger than the first facility, it also proved inadequate for the long term needs of the congregation.  The congregation decided to purchase an existing church building in Layton and remodel the facility for their use.  The current location of the Wat Dhammagunaram at 644 East 1000 North in Layton was consecrated in 1995.  While members of the congregation are predominantly Thai, there are also Laotian and Cambodian members. 

Services and Programs: Services are conducted primarily in Thai along with Laotian, Cambodian, and English.  Chanting is conducted in the traditional Pali language of Theravada Buddhism.  Sunday services are held at 10:00 AM and are followed by a community luncheon. 

In addition to serving as a Thai cultural center, the Wat also serves the wider Utah community with a Mediation Center.  Mediation retreats and activities are held on a regular basis.  Major annual celebrations include the Washing of the Buddhas and the Thai New Year celebration.  A special celebration in August 2001 included a display of the Relics of the Buddha as part of the 22nd anniversary of Wat Dhammagunaram.


Photo Gallery

Photos of Interior and Exterior of Temple:
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Photos from Display of the Relics of the Buddha:

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Photos from "Support Our Troops" Celebration

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Photos from Kathin Robe Offering Ceremony




URL: http://www.watutah.iirt.net/



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